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5+ Master Bedrooms Guest Interior Design

It seems obvious in the first place that a mirror is used to reflect our pretty face each morning guest interior design … But this simple accessory has more of an asset that it would be a shame not to exploit! Discover our tips for optimizing your bathroom mirror.

Our advice

  • Determine your need
  • Secure mirror installation
  • Measure the grip surface
  • Choose a style

1. Determine your need

Lack of storage, light or space? The mirror responds to everything! Behind some models, we discover a hidden chest, others include shelves and others still incorporate a light source. Smart options that enhance everyday comfort! It’s up to you to determine what your needs will be based on your habits, but also the improvements you want to make to the bathroom.

2. Securing Mirror Installation

It is important to dwell on the wall where your mirror will be fixed. For plaster walls or honeycomb walls, expansion systems or molly anchors are recommended. You will choose the ankle size according to the weight of the mirror to hang. For stronger wall sections such as cellular concrete, opt for helical sockets – the latter distribute the weight and therefore the effort provided by the attachment system for a foolproof stability!

3. Measuring the surface area

The size of the mirror is also chosen according to the bathroom furniture above which it will be suspended to obtain a visual balance. Its width generally respects that of the furniture, the height on the other hand can vary more – the main criterion being the comfort at the time of use. For a family bathroom, also think about the smaller ones by minimizing the space between the cabinet and the mirror.

4. Choose a style

On the aesthetic side, the shape but also the frame of the mirror come into play. Colorful frame, imposing or nonexistent, this one directs the mirror towards a style rather than another to accentuate the decoration of the bathroom. For example, a frameless rectangular or square mirror, combined with integrated lighting, will be ideal for minimalist interiors. For more cozy atmospheres, rounded cuts and wooden frames are preferred.

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