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If there’s one design style that can “take you there,” it’s definitely French country bedroom design. Whether you’re in the middle of New York City or somewhere on the California coast. If you walk into a classically French country room. You’ll immediately feel like you’re somewhere deep in the heart of Provence. But even though the design feels effortless (as do all things French). It actually follows a formula to achieve that perfectly imperfect aesthetic. So what do you need to turn your place into a French country dream worthy of Pinterest boards everywhere? Here’s everything you need to know.

It comes as literally no surprise that French country design is inspire by the actual French countryside, specifically Provence. French decor in and of itself can be extremely ornate, elegant, and often over-the-top, but Provencal homes incorporate traditional elements in a way that’s far more relaxed, distressed, and subdued. “The core essence is a refined elegance that is humble by bringing in aspects of nature such as weathered and white washed wood, and neutral color palettes,” says lead designer of ASR Design Studio, Ariel Richardson.

French Country Bedroom Furniture Brings The Curves.

Forget clean lines and stark modern furnishings—French country uses furniture to add a flowing feel to a room. Lines are curve, though nothing ever feels ostentatious, as it’s from natural materials, such as carved wood with a low sheen finish.

French county furniture differs from traditionally rustic furniture thanks to upholstery. Comfort is the goal, so seating is plush and cozy. Wooden chairs will usually have an upholstered cushion. Louis XVI chairs, a natural wooden frame with an upholstered cushion (often in linen), are common. “The Louis armchair is the most representative of the French country style, as they embody elegant clean lines and sturdy wooden construction,” Richardson says. “They also tend to have a whitewashed finish with plush cushions.”

Traditional Colors Furniture

The French country palette for a bedroom would include a mix of pale pastel hues and creamy whites with accents in vibrant colors found in nature. Colors can be combined in unexpected ways, but they’re never harsh or too bright. A bedroom designed by Tucker & Marks has a muted palette that’s anything but drab. Iconic French country patterns of gingham checks and florals in pale yellows and greens are softened even more by creamy white bedding, furniture, and carpeting. 

Minimalist French Country Bedroom

In this rare minimalist French country bedroom, the vintage headboard becomes the focus of the room. An eclectic touch is added to this understated room in the form of a personal and romantic poem that’s stenciled in gold above the headboard. Touches of pure elegance make this room luxurious, including a duvet, crystal chandelier, and ornate crown molding.

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