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66+ Home Decorating – The Living Area in the Attic

An attic is often a very useful, but not living space. Same goes with a basement or unfinished basement space not completed properly. Some rooms over a basement are often not thought of as ‘Living Space’ even though it can be used for a number of purposes. Some rooms over an unfinished basement are simply used to store things. Others may be used as a workshop. Yet other rooms over a basement may have the additional use of a bedroom. It all depends on the particular home style and the designer.

As stated, an attic is rarely considered a living space. But it does need a lot of light and ventilation if you want to enjoy it. If you don’t want to deal with having to deal with drafts, it is important to consider how much natural light you get in your attic. The best place to get this is from windows. However, if you have no windows in your attic and need more natural light, consider using an attic light. These come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can make any room seem larger than it is. You can find them anywhere home decor stores sell window treatments.

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An area in your basement that you probably don’t think about as a ‘living area’ is the air ducts, venting system and insulation. This is because these parts are rarely used, and so most homes do not pay any attention to them. That said, these are actually very important areas. They help trap the hot air that gets accumulated in the attic and helps keep your basement dry. Without good air ducts, your basement can easily become damp, making it very uncomfortable to live in. If your home has poor insulation, you could end up having a damp basement, which can also cause serious damage.

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When looking for a home designer, ask them how well insulated your attic is. The best way to get an accurate idea of how well your attic is insulated is by taking an attic inspection. All homes do not have the same insulation needs, so your home will need to be customized according to your unique situation. Most will be insulated by either using polyurethane foam insulation or a special type of insulation that is sprayed into your attic cavities. Once the foam is applied it will set and harden. This will keep the attic cool and dry and prevent moisture from getting trapped in the attic.

Your home may also require some type of flooring in your attic, especially if you have windows in the attic. Flooring is essential because it will protect your furniture from moisture, dust, and pests. You will also need something like siding or shingles to protect the wooden beams in your roof. If you live in a warm climate then you will also need to keep the walls from freezing in the winter. It’s always a good idea to have some form of insulation for your walls. If your attic space is large enough, you may even want to add some shelves in there. This will keep the area dry and allow you to work comfortably in your attic area.

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