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In addition to protecting your walls from kitchen credenza, the credence is a major decorative actor in the kitchen. So, if you can not stand the one that accompanies you every day, it’s time to change it or offer a little makeover. Wood, laminate, stainless steel, paint, stickers, discover 6 trendy credenza ideas, inexpensive and easy to install.


You can not stand this credence in tiled beige and old? Say goodbye! With paints specifically designed for this type of renovation, give your kitchen a new look. Small budget, but a lot of time because embarking on this type of work requires attention to detail and patience.
Some essential steps to not miss your shot:
carefully wash the old tiles
apply an undercoat if chosen paint requires
apply one or two coats of paint as needed
let it dry and avoid contact with water for at least ten days
Color side, the choice is quite limited, but we like the idea of ??deep black to highlight the furniture.


Appreciated for its affordability and practical implementation, laminate credenza is on the rise. And it is probably thanks to the multitude of patterns and effects of materials that it has won the hearts of lovers of decor in recent years. Graphic herringbone, it energizes and gives the room a different look. But she also knows how to be loved when she takes the features of polished concrete, slate, brushed stainless steel or even white marble.
Sensitive to heat, note that cooks prohibit the laminate behind the gas hobs.


For a soft and natural atmosphere straight from Scandinavia, turn to the wooden kitchen splashback.Selected in blond color, it brings a touch of warmth and modernity. The ideal for a successful result, is to change at the same time the work plan so that everything is harmonious. Although in terms of aesthetics, it is highly appreciated, the wooden credence is not always easy to clean and requires regular maintenance. Think about it before you start.


Embark on the renovation of a credence in real cement tiles is somewhat similar to an obstacle course. Besides the budget (a hundred euros per m2), it often requires dismantling the high furniture and have in stock some serious notions of DIY to install and protect them. The other solution that is offered to you if you fell under their spell: stickers with authentic prints.No need to break the existing tiles, you will stick directly your square stickers. If only some tiles do not please you, you can also choose to cover only them. For a few euros, they bring the little touch that was missing in your decor.


As in the pros! Design and timeless, the credenza of stainless steel kitchen is raised in the blink of an eye and especially has the advantage of cleaning easily. Hygienic, resistant to heat, humidity and corrosion, it is undoubtedly a good investment to last in time. If many cooks offer it to measure, this of course has a cost. There remains the solution of the panels to fix one next to the other, much less expensive (the plates are bought on average about forty euros per m2) and also easier to install.


To give the kitchen a little clean without going through a lot of work or simply because you do not have the permission to do so, bet on the adhesive credenza . If the first versions of a few years ago lacked character, this is clearly no longer the case today. Some brands have specialized in this smart coating and offer a multitude of styles: cement tiles, metro tiles, mosaic, white marble … Besides its economic aspect (count on average 65 euros per m2 for quality plates), the Adhesive credence is above all very easy to install and can cover the tiles that you have tired in two steps, three movements.

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