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The decorate your living room is at the heart of our daily life, a room with many functions, a place of relaxation as well as conviviality where we like to spend time. It is therefore important not to neglect its layout. To avoid making mistakes, we give you some key rules to follow.


True heart of your home, the living room must be representative of your personality, and offer to its inhabitants, an incomparable well-being. Although this sounds simple enough in the first place, it is not always easy to know how to optimize and decorate your living room with taste. Here, we offer some tips to achieve this decoration that is so dear to your heart.

  • Choose the flooring of the show
  • Find the right place for the sofa
  • Arrange the furniture in the living room
  • Install the light in the living room
  • Look after the decoration of the salon

1.Choosing the flooring for the living room

The ideal place to visit, the living room requires a suitable floor covering. Whether you are alone or with your family, choose a resistant floor and avoid light colors. The all-terrain floor, especially if you have children and animals, is tiled, with various styles. Too cold for the feet? Choose true parquet , warm wish. Or a PVC or natural fiber floor whose current models have a lot of style.


The sofa is the center piece of the living room, the one that will determine the mood of the rest of the room. Spontaneously, it is placed back to a wall , provided that it is oriented facing another wall where will be installed the TV or the fireplace and giving priority to space for a beautiful coffee table.If the room is very spacious, the sofa can be placed across the room to serve as a partition between a living room and a dining room for example. The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room.
Regarding his choice, it’s a matter of taste. Some will want more sobriety by opting for a neutral color, such as white or gray. Others will look for this little retro side so appreciated by going to a brown leather sofa. While some people will be more seduced by a fabric sofa in more colorful shades to enhance the tone of the room.
To find the perfect location, you will need to have some idea of ??what you want to do with your room. That is to say, a location in the middle of the living room can be used to delimit two distinct places and thus to further structure your spaces. You can also put it along a wall or under the stairs.For you to see according to your wishes, your desires, if you want to install it facing a TV, or if you have enough room to decorate it with a small coffee table.


To place the other furniture, ask yourself what are your habits in the room, what you like to do there. For example, provide an empty space for children to play, one or two extra chairs depending on the space, on both sides of the sofa. Then a coffee table proportional to the size of the sofa, or several assorted. In case, where you lack ideas and imagination in the choice of your furniture, Meuble-House is the shop to visit, it offers a range of furniture very varied and corresponding to all tastes. Depending on your passions, your favorite hobbies, your living room will not look like another. The pieces found mainly in this space are:
A dining table (wooden for more character) and its chairs
A sideboard (to bring more storage)
A library (the ultimate in charm)
TV stand
A mirror (to enlarge the room)
Lighting here and there


The living room reflects your personality, with its colors, accessories and decorative objects.To organize them, before you start, list the materials and colors that you want to integrate and then harmoniously decline cushions, wall frames, small furniture, textiles and plants to complete the layout of the room. It’s the finishing touch that will make you feel good.
Think of the natural elements, they will give to your atmosphere, softness and appeasement. Select some wood furnishings that will enhance your room with their color and the design of the chosen essence. Add in some places indoor plants that will have the ability to circulate a purer and healthier air. This will naturally bring a touch of freshness.

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