The White Dresser

by Kelly

A room can never be complete if a dresser is nowhere to be found. Next to your beds, a dresser is another essential furniture item that offers a convenient place to stash away your important belongings, such as make-ups, beauty products, and a lot more. If your room’s motif is white, the white dresser is undoubtedly the best option for you.

White dressers come in various styles and sizes in order to fit varying preferences of users. Their integration can surely add style and beauty to your bedroom. The largest dressers have a maximum of nine drawers. They usually include a built-in mirror as well as other useful features. But due to their big size, large dressers can take up a lot of space. However, their main advantage is that they have enough room to store a variety of items, and two people can share the dresser at the same time. If you are looking for a slightly smaller dresser, then you should opt for one that has seven drawers or fewer.

For couples who need extra space for their things but have a limited floor space, it is best to settle for small dressers. They are usually slim and tall, with one column of six to eight drawers. But there are also other dresser models that are quite short, and only feature three to four drawers. Normally, they do not have built-in mirrors and are primarily used as dressers in rooms for children or guests.

White dresser furniture can be used for various purposes, not merely for storing beauty products. These dressers can also be a perfect lingerie chest especially for the women. They are also good for storing craft projects, jewelry, and other minute items. For shorter and smaller dressers, they can be perfect in your baby’s room, and may also serve as a changing table.

Other types of dressers include the hutch and wardrobe. The hutch is tall with several bottom drawers and an opening with shelves on its top that is covered with doors. A wardrobe, on the other hand, is like a movable chest with many drawers inside.

The best thing about dressers is that they are never outdated and are needed all the time. Even an antique white dresser will surely not look out of place in a contemporary room. Meanwhile, a white double dresser will always be needed especially by those who have many things to store. With its two long drawers, a couple or siblings will never run out of extra storage space.

A white bedroom dresser is absolutely a must in any bedroom. And in choosing the right white dresser, make sure that style and comfort is achieved at the same time. You can find different styles by visiting a furniture store or even shopping for these things online where you will be able to find a large array of options. In any case, adding some white into your room will definitely brighten things up a bit.

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