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25 Best DIY Picture Frame Ideas

DIY Picture Frame Ideas – Finding the right picture frame for your photos can make all the difference in your decor. A photo that is framed has a more professional and polished look to it. Whether you’re going for a classic, rustic or modern look, the perfect frame can tie the room’s decor together.

An easy way to make a frame unique is by creating it yourself. As inspiration, we’re sharing 25 DIY picture frames that you can try making yourself. With just a few supplies and DIY tips, you can create picture frames to match your style and enhance your room’s ambiance.

For a special touch, try designing a personalized frame. Opt for a wood, metallic or classic color like black or white. Framing your prints, from landscapes to candids of your family and friends, will instantly create a space you want to show off.

DIY Picture Frame Ideas

1. Classic Black Frames

First picture frame ideas is Classic Black Frame. Simple, chic frames make for stunning wall art. Opt for classic black frames, then add your artwork, photos and inspirational quotes.

2. Wooden Tea Light Frame

The next picture frame ideas is Wooden Tea Light Frame. Looking for unique picture frame ideas? Construct a wooden frame with open spaces to insert battery-operated tea lights. This luminous decor works well in a basement, den or screened patio.

3. Festive Wood Frame

Next, picture frame ideas is very interesting, its name is Festive Wood Frame. Darken a wood frame by using a wood burning tool. You can even etch small designs into your frame, like dots and horizontal lines.

4. Popsicle Stick Frame

Fashion DIY frames by gluing together a row of popsicle sticks. Add color and style with patterned washi tape. These picture frames often compliment a bedroom, playroom or bathroom.

5. Seashell Frame

Gather seashells you’ve collected from beach trips and ocean vacations. Secure the shells onto the border, then add in a photo of you and your family enjoying the coastline.

6. Vintage Metallic

Find a vintage style frame at a second-hand shop and spray paint it in gold or silver. Select a classic photo, like a cityscape or portrait, to place in your metallic frame.

7. Wood Burned Frames

Accent a wood frame with stars, stripes or hearts. Use a wood burning kit to engrave the design into your frame.

8. Stylish Circle Frames

Step away from a standard square or rectangle frame by choosing a circular design. Add extra personality by painting the frame in a unique color and attaching a strap to serve as the hanger.

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