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10+ Kitchen and Powder Bathroom CHRISTMAS Decor

When it comes to holiday christmas decor, there a few places throughout the house (and outdoors) that are no brainers—the living room, dining room, kitchen, and front porch, for example. But wait a minute—aren’t you forgetting something? While your bathroom might not be the most glamorous spot in your house (unless, of course, you have a multi-head shower and gorgeous bathroom vanity), with a little extra decor, it can be downright jolly. And that’s where these cute Christmas bathroom sets come in.

The trick to decorating your bathroom for Christmas goes beyond finding towel and washcloth pairings (though we love those too!). Instead, keep an open mind and, in addition to finding matching bath and hand towels, consider adding other Christmas bathroom sets to your cart this holiday season. Think: bathroom accessories to store your soap, toothbrushes, and cotton swabs; festive toilet mats; and shower curtain rings that tie the whole room together.

Not sure where to find said bathroom christmas decor ? Ahead you’ll discover 13 Christmas bathroom sets—ranging from classic Christmas-colored red and green towels and mats to funny Christmas movie-inspired shower curtains and elf-adorned toilets—to outfit the washrooms in your house.

Lets be honest, most likely, the powder room is the one bathroom in your home that your guest will see. It is almost always the smallest “room” in the home, but the most visited by your guests, especially during the holidays when you are hosting. So, I finally gave my powder room updates and added some holiday decorating to this tiny space. Also, it is the smallest space in the house that I could have some fun with too. But, before I could do any holiday decorating in here I needed to finally unify the space after a decade. Yes, a decade. Can we say, shoe cobblers kid here! I give all my time and effort to clients that my own spaces have been neglected, but not any more! Oh, yea, check in soon and find out all the big plans coming in 2019.

Powder Room Updates – Holiday Decorating

When we moved in over 10 years ago, the powder room had NO mirror/vanity, NO hand towel holder/ring, a cheap plastic gold toilet paper holder and a shiny chrome faucet. OH! and salmon colored wallpaper. If ever there was a bathroom in an indentity crisis this was it.

First thing first, before I can consider adding some festive touches I needed to finally finish off the space. A few years ago I found a mirror in a brushed nickel finish. Since the space is extremely tiny, I knew I wanted a large mirror to make the space feel, well, larger. This was my inspiration to finish off the remaining accessories.

credit by homewithkeki

Lowe’s Home Improvement has always been my go-to for bathroom christmas decor finishes and I was excited to partner with them on my powder room updates. They have a wide selection of brands and finishes, but I narrowed it down brushed nickel finish. I found the Moen Lindor Pivot Toilet Paper Holder and loved it. Also, I don’t know what it is with me and toilet paper holders but, all my bathrooms have a unique pivot or upright holder, no traditional styles here. The clean lines and modern look of the Moen Lindor was the perfect compliment to the space. To finally keep things consistant, I made it easy on myself and stayed with in the same Moen Lindor line. I grabbed the Moen Lindor 2-handle center set spout faucet in brushed nickel and FINALLY purchased a towel holder, the Moen Lindor Wall Mount Towel Ring.

The installation instructions were beyond easy to follow. I was able to install everything on my own following their step by step handout. All the products came with Press and Mark washable ink stamps that showed EXACTLY where to drill. It was simple and easy.
The quality is felt. Sometimes you hold an item and it just feels like plastic and has the weight of a feather too. Well, the Moen Lindor Collection is true stainless steel and feels substantial.

Finally, I needed a soap dispenser. A real one for the first time. I always had store bought liquid soap in the “container” they came in. I know, I know, designers life. Unfortunately, there was not a Moen Lindor dispenser in brushed nickel. Also, I needed a weighted dispenser so it wouldn’t topple over easily. Luckily, Lowe’s Home Improvement carries Kohler’s Purist Soap Dispenser that I knew was weighted down and also resist corrison.

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